From the opening call of the flute in "Procession" through the guitar/flute ending of "Embers," Rick June's new CD, Dancing Naked in the Forest, leads the listener through a thoroughly enjoyable collection of pieces which are beautifully performed and produced. Whether one of the pieces brings a tear to your eye or a smile to your face, compels you to get up and dance or to just sit quietly savoring the sounds, you will be moved by this music!

Edgar Dittemore, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Hofstra University

Professional Vocalist/Conductor

I find my experience of the Dancing Naked in the Forest music to be a treat to my senses.  A few words come to mind and linger in my consciousness.  They are Love, Authenticity, and Healing.  Overall the music allowed me to open up to my Spiritual self, giving me access to inner creativity and freedom.  All tense feelings disappeared and have been replaced with trust.  Thank you Rick for your wonderful creation.  You are a true artist.

Thomas Lupari, Artist, Lupari Studios,  November 1, 2015



The album, “Dancing Naked in the Forest”, is a versatile collection of world beat oriented flute and drum melodies that, as a massage therapist, fits very well with the multiple modalities of bodywork I offer my clients.

In my career, I am always looking for music that can be both subtle and calming, as well as upbeat and energetic depending on the massage modality and temperament of my clientele.

Rick June's "dancing naked in the forest" has been a wonderful addition to my spa music collection due to its duality to serve as a centerpiece for social events/dinner parties (or an upbeat sports massage session), but also offering a more soothing, softer accommodations as well, which is ideal for a relaxing therapeutic experience.

I hold this album in high esteem and look forward to more productions from this artist in the future!

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